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Overview of my research

My field of research is intercultural communication, which focuses on design and art in the cultural mediation between Western communication paradigms and their engagement and reinterpretation within non-Western social contexts. My research reflects multidisciplinary practice and critical scholarship of visual communication design and ceramic art. It is grounded in experience of culturally diverse African settings and draws on my knowledge of visual communication design, advertising, marketing, media and ceramic practice. Sustained multidisciplinary investigation is exemplified by the creation of commissioned visual communication design projects and transdisciplinary public art and design intervention projects internationally and in New Zealand. These explore new conceptual, aesthetic and material ways of creating communication designs through the juxtaposition of image, text and aesthetics in the construction and communication of cultural identity, narrative and meaning. I contribute critical scholarship via published textual output and conference contributions. My practice-based research has been favourably reviewed, cited and awarded at major international design contests in North America, Europe and Africa. Results of my research have been disseminated internationally in electronic media, textual publications, books, conference proceedings and conference presentations. I participated as a contributor to an international conference round table, delivered presentations of research, and initiated student assistance. Most recently I progressed the intercultural communication research platform through new scholarly investigations into international editorial cartoons, which communicate anti- Semitic messages about ethnic, national and religious identity.