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Contribution to the Research Environment

Research Discipline

(2008). Cascoland Durban 2008. South Africa.

I was a participating artist in "Cascoland Durban 2008", an international, interdisciplinary public art project in South Africa involving over 40 international artists, architects, designers, performers and craftspeople. The objective of Cascoland Durban 2008, which ran from 4 February to 16 March 2008 in South Africa, was to activate pedestrian routes, through artistic and architectural interventions. Recognised as a contributing artist, I facilitated teams of students who created unconventional visibility campaigns throughout the city. Cascoland is funded by the Royal Netherlands Embassy and the Mondriaan Foundation. View

(2011). I presented "Using internet technology for Grounded Theory data gathering", an oral presentation at Victoria University's monthly research gathering of the Post Graduate Student's Association. The presentation offered insights from my recent investigation into international anti-Semitic cartoons and how I experimented with Grounded Theory data-gathering and coding by employing Google Alerts internet technology processes.

(2011). I presented "Life after a major project", an oral presentation at the monthly Zeme research gathering of Massey University's College of Creative Arts researchers. The presentation offered insights to how research projects initiated by students I supervised at Honours level continued development outside of Massey University and became successful publications in the design industry sector.

(2010). Teaching advertising. Re-thinking Advertising: Histories, Praxis and Interpretations Symposium. Melbourne.

I was invited to participate in the Round Table titled "Teaching Advertising" at The Cultural History of Economies Research Hub (CHERHub), University of Melbourne's Symposium in Australia. The participants were Dr. David Waller, Prof. Linda Brennan & myself. The Round Table was chaired by Dr. Robert Crawford.

(2010). I presented a conference poster at the Massey School of Design Postgraduate Symposium 2010, titled, "The Cartoon as transmitter of ideology". The symposium featured multidisciplinary postgraduate research from communication design and industrial design departments.

(2009). Afro-Dutch chaos in public space. Zeme Research Network. Wellington.

I delivered an oral presentation at this research cluster event of Massey University’s College of Creative Arts. View

(2010). The Cartoon as transmitter of ideology. Massey School of Design Postgraduate Symposium. Wellington.

I presented a poster at this internal postgraduate symposium of Massey University’s College of Creative Arts.

(2010-2011). I attended and contributed to Master's level critique and discussion sessions in the Communication Design and Industrial Design disciplines at Massey University's School of Design Masters seminars and critiques.

(2006). Poles Apart: Lessons from thirteen years in the advertising industry. A thesis submission to Durban University of Technology. Durban. View

Facilitating Networks

(2010) I joined the Co-creation Research Cluster, which was formed by fellow academic staff members of the Institute of Communication Design, Massey University. The research and discussion cluster was formed to foster an understanding of this emerging sphere of participatory design.

External Research Funding

(2009). Massey University College of Creative Arts colleague, E. B. Robertson and I received research funding from Interislander Ngã Waka - New Zealand's Ferries for BOXbox.09, a research initiative into multidisciplinary art interventions in public spaces.

Student Assistance

(2011). I supervised a research project of Bachelor (Hons) students, Lucy Guernier and Georgia Cottrell. They created a innovative business branding model which they continued to develop and monetize after their final year, outside of Massey University. They applied the model to "DesignTree", a furniture design collaborative. Lucy and Georgia's designs were published as design collateral and branded DesignTree at Salone Satellite 2011, Milan Furniture Fair 2011.

(2011). I supervised a research project of Bachelor (Hons) students, Dan Byrne and Matt Jacobs. Their research investigated how new digital media and video could assist the New Zealand Police recruitment drives. Their designs have informed a new design direction for the New Zealand Police website and elements of their designs have been published are incorporated in to the "New Cops" website http://www.newcops.co.nz

(2010). BOXbox.09 Exhibition: Intervention in public spaces. Wellington.

Massey University colleague, E. B. Robertson and I assisted students careers by curating an exhibition of their work for the event "BOXbox.09". The following three experts accepted the invitation to participate in the judging panel for the event: Prof. Jeremy Diggle, Head of School, Fine Arts, Massey University; Dr. David Cross, Associate Professor, Fine Arts, Massey University and Jeroen ten Berge, with 25 years design experience in The Netherlands. View